True Power of Original Antec?

I am looking into getting an Antec case and was wondering if I should get one with a True Power PSU or one with an original Antec PSU. I am kind of looking for quiet PSU and won't be overclocking, maybe just memory. Thanks for any advice.
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  1. True Power PSU is better than the original Antec PSU. If you want the best get Enermax.
  2. I'd also recommend Enermax's PSUs.

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  3. I like TruePower better myself.

    Also if you're going for quiet TruePower is the better choice in our line of products.

    Since I've never owned an Enermax PSU I don't know how it compares. However several people on different boards say TruePower is quieter then Enermax's Whisper line.

  4. d00d, you know that of all my name brand power supplies, my Antecs have been the WORST?!? Fist of all, they all had low voltage on the 3.3v line, as tested on several boards and compared with several other power supplies. The nominal voltage would alway fall at around 3.2v. But that's not the worst of it! My Antec 250W power supplies only took the same amount of load as my Newton 200W power supplies. And just below the threshold, the Newtons would all remain stable, while the voltage of the Antec's was swinging all over the place, causing system lockups!

    Antec's are nice when compared to some generic units, but I have many OEM power supplies which provide cleaner voltage and more truthfull output ratings.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
  5. Your 3.3v read at 3.2v? That's horrible isn't? That's not atrocious by any means. I admit that that is a bit too close to the lower end of the ATX spec, but typically that alone shouldn't be a huge issue. Hopefully you at least RMA'd them since they were obviously causing you problems. If not, why didn't you? Typically most of our proudcts have at least a 1 year warranty, anything other then monitors and keyboards purchased after Nov 2001, is under a 3 year warranty.
    To be honest I've never owned one of our 250 watt powersupplies. The first Antec power supply I had was a PP303X (running an Athlon Tbird 950, 384MB Pc133 RAM, 2 hd's, cd, cdrw, geforce 2, sblive, nic, modem etc). The only problems I had had to deal with Windows 2000. Never any power supply issue whatsoever. That particular power supply started off powering a Slot A 700, and went through about 4 system upgrades over time. It is now working with that same 950 in a coworkers home machine. So what about a year and a half or so of use with no problems. In fact in my house we have 5 computers using either PP303X or True 430 (one of those 303x's is powering an XP1800, 512DDR, Geforce 2 etc).

    I posted about what others on other forums had said (and I said so as well) and posted reviews from other sites.

    I don't believe I said Enermax sucks. I can't say that for a couple reasons: 1) Ethically I'm biased since I work for a direct competitor 2) I've never used one so I have no experience (I think I said that as well). Since the topic starter asked about Antec power supplies versus TruePower power supplies I felt justified in responding to him about what I've read and my own experiences (as limited as they are).

    I think it's pretty well known that you (and some others on this board)have had some bad power supplies from us and don't use our product any longer. Fine, in fact I expect that for anyone who's had a bad experience with anyone's product (I refuse to shop at Sears because of past service related issues). But have you used a TruePower power supply? Have you compared to a comparable Antec standard PC power supply? Since that is essentially what the topic starter asked about.

    I think it's pretty obvious who I work for (I chose the handle on purpose) and I fully expect everything I post will be taken with a grain of salt.

    At best I can apologize to you about that frustration you had to deal with the bad power supplies (btw how long ago was the problem with the bad 250's? I'm assuming multiple since your post seems to imply that). But we do seek to improve our products.

    If you or others on this board are somehow offended by my presence here, let me know, and I'll be gone.

  6. No, not atrocious, but as the base point from where the voltage would swing, it's a bad base point. The voltage would typically fluctuate by around 5%. At anything less than 3.1v my computer would destablize. I'd watch it swing from 3.2 to 3.3 to 3.15, for giggles, then as soon as I'd put some real stress on the system it would fluctuate even more and lock. The system was a PIII 933 with three hard drives and a GeForce 2 GTS. The power supply was an Antec 250W. For shits and giggles I tried another, same result. I don't get a lot of Antec power supplies because I work mainly with OEM and discount systems. I tried a Newton 200W, it was solid, but easy to overload with that system, understandable considering it's rating. At least the voltage level would remain stable up to the point of overload. I ended up using a Continental 250W power supply. In fact, I added another hard drive and more memory with the Continental and never saw a problem. And pushed the clock speed up. And started using my burner. Didn't have a problem for over a year with that one.

    Under less strain, the Antec power supplies worked fine. I put them on some old Pentium MMX systems and sold the systems. They were used when I got them, so I just put them under lighter load where they would be stable, having no warrantee.

    Honestly, I don't buy power supplies, I buy systems. I get more dead boards than dead power supplies, so I always have spares. But I'm about to buy a new power supply from Enermax, because the old Continental power supply surely won't take the stress of my next system.

    I can't really be certain how many Antec's I've had. At the time I had those two lying around, the reason I pulled them is because I thought they were higher quality than some of my other units, based on reputation. After that experience, I quit paying attention to the brands that were in the systems I sold, and stuck with the old Continental. Funny thing, this Continental has huge capacitors and fairly large heatsinks, but came with a sleeve bearing fan. Eventually I replaced that with a nice Panaflow.

    No, I'm not offended by your presence. I simply have a negative opinion of your product, not your person.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
  7. Ahh, ok I didn't realize the 3.2v was the base and then you had voltage fluctuations. That would definitely mess with any system. As I said though I've never actually used our 250's so I have no personal experience with them.

    If you do ever get another of our power supplies let me know how it works out for you.

  8. What program did you use to track your voltage? I have mother board monitor, will that do? I want to see what kind of fluctuation I get. Also, what are the "normal" voltages the monitor should read? Thanks!

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