Anyone know of multitrack card

I'm looking for a PCI sound card that will handle 8 analogue, discreet inputs at once. It has to be compatible with Cubase 3.7.

Basically I want to use my PC as a multitrack recorder, so all these flashy gaming cards with 5.1 and EAX aren't really what is needed. Basically I need a breakout box with 8 inputs:)

(not likely to find this on a Creative or GTXP anytime soon)

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  1. What's your budget?

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  2. i'm more enquiring rather than seriously considering buying a multitrack system....but i'd like to start recording my band's own tunes rather than let some amateur record them badly for a huge sum of money.

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  3. My brother has been using the <A HREF="" target="_new">AudioTrak Inca88</A> sound card with the breakout box for the same purpose for the past few months, and he is still raving over the low latency and great sound. He's using this and Cakewalk SONAR XL for recording his band, and can't get enough of the card.

    I'm using the Maya 7.1 Gold in my main rig, just to get away from the Creative cards, and there's no doubt, these cards sound incredible, and work very well with WinXP, which is an added plus.


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