Weird Youtube bug

Having a small problem with Youtube where a green bar appears at the top of the video and a double image appears over the video. It happens randomly, but only while running off the battery... Any ideas?
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  1. Hello BemusedSalmon;

    It might be your system going into a power saving low performance mode.

    Do a test. Set the Power Options to High Performance mode, reboot and run on the battery - does the video run looking normal?
  2. I have it happen to me As well. Yesterday was most recent. It is part of the new NVIDIA driver's i would assume. Your using NVIDIA Correct?
  3. @ Rockdpm;
    That's on your desktop rig? Yeah, that would have to be a driver issue.
  4. It does run normal, but on another note it runs fine when I run it in any other quality than 360p. Also not sure what to do from here, it seems that even when I match the advanced settings completely it still bugs the video
  5. Yep, Nvidea
  6. Yea, its not just me and him, hundred of people are having that issue. For some reason NVIDIA and Youtube just don't get along sometimes. Shoot i have had my screen turn pink one time and then the driver would crash and come back..
  7. Disable hardware acceleration of flash video.

    Right click video>settings>untick enable hardware acceleration.

    Flash video hardware acceleration problem keeps happening every now and then for both Nvidia and AMD GPU driver.
  8. Would installing some games that change about driver settings spark a problem?
  9. @Pyree No effect
  10. BemusedSalmon said:
    Would installing some games that change about driver settings spark a problem?
    I don't think so.
    This is sounding like a pure video card driver problem.
  11. Does your laptop have Optimus?
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