Does the ATI TV-Tuner work nicely under XP now?

I've been reading this board and others, and the card seems nice, but I'm running XP. Have the issues with XP been resolved yet?

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  1. No, and others seem to report that it doesn't look like they're doing much to make win xp drivers a reality. You can currently only run it in win xp using a win 2000 driver hack.

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  2. Alright, I'm guessing if I wound up getting this card then I could find it somewhere.

    My question now would be is it worth getting this card over some of the other ones I'm looking at:

    Hauppauge Win TV Theater
    Pinnacle Studio AV Version 7
  3. I'd recommend looking at the Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP!

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  4. Wow AMD Man, that card looks really nice. How's the image quality? I couldn't really find any screen shots. Also, whats the max fps?

    But yeah, that looks really nice, especially for $60.
  5. Huh? FPS? This is a TV Tuner not a graphics card. TV reception is limited to 30FPS.

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  6. 29.97 NTSC, I think 25 for PAL.

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  7. I also have good experience with Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP.
  8. awesome tv card, the Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP...but but but no timeshift! ack! I have this card and it works great, only lacks features that the ATI has. The remote control is pretty simple, lacks features too. Performance is A++++ though.

    on an AXP 1800+ it doesn't hang and slow down. just lack features
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