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i am looking for XP drivers for a viper II video card ... i have the win2k ones installed now and they work for normal use ... but anything 3d gets all messed up ...

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  1. As far as I can tell ... there currently is no WinXP driver for that particular card.

    This a <A HREF="http://ftp://ftp.diamondmm.com/pub/display/viper/viper_II/" target="_new">link</A> to the FTP directory, and nothing is listed for WinXP.

    Here is the normal HTTP <A HREF="http://www.sonicblue.com/support/diamond/default.asp?menu=support&submenu=Legacy_Graphics&item=drivers&product=Viper_II" target="_new">page</A> that lists the drivers.

    This is a link to a page made last year that discusses installing the card:

    <A HREF="http://www.dansdata.com/viper2.htm" target="_new">Diamond Viper II graphics card</A>

    You could call or email the support company and ask if a WinXP driver is going to be created. Right now ... I can't say.


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