Please help! Computer won't shut down

Hey guys, I just build a new PC last night and installed Windows 8. When it was installing, there was no issues since it restarted okay on its okay. However, once I put in the driver disc for the motherboard and installed the drivers, the computer would stay on after I shut it down with the screen black and everything, and the OS wouldn't come back on after I restart it; it would stay black with the computer still running. Any ideas? The motherboard is a Gigabyte z77-ud5h so perhaps the disc wasn't up to date with a kill signal or something. The only way it shuts down is if I hold the power button, and the bios restarts the computer just fine.
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  1. First, if you aren't using BIOS version F14, go grab it and flash it now:

    If you aren't comfortable flashing a BIOS, get a friend to do it who is more familiar with the process.

    Second, try restarting by typing the following command into the command line (without quotes):

    "shutdown /r /t 0"
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