How do i take a picture with my webcam on my laptop windows 7

i want to take pictures with my webcam
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  1. Hello abraha djaba okai

    Use webcam software program that came with your webcam.

    Need more information?
    Provide details of your system.
  2. i dont have one
  3. Computer make and model?

    Install this webcam program: YAWcam
  4. my computer is dell
  5. Dell.... what?
  6. i don't know the model
  7. Did the webcam work before?
    Did you make any changes?
  8. no i have not tried it
  9. Now would be a good time to try it.

    Open the Start Menu and in the Search are at the bottom? Type in: webcam
  10. does every laptop come with a camera ?
  11. No;
    But the ones that do usually have the software to make the camera work.

    That laptop - it came with Win7 installed, right?
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