Intermittent hardwired connection

I have an intermittent hardwired connection on my desktop which runs on a Asus P4P800 motherboard
and is connected by an ethernet cord to a generic bridge to a Linksys router.

I turn on the computer, and Windows says "Limited or no connectivity". I unplug the ethernet cord and plug it in again and 50% to 90% of the time, it gets connected and Internet is normal. It doesn't drop or change. It's consistent.

If I reboot the system or shutdown, the same cycle. Sometimes I can't get it back. I do a "ipconfig" to check and I can't "renew" the connection.

I have 3 other systems connected to the same bridge, same router. None of them have this issue.

I don't think the bridge or router is the problem. I think it's either software or hardware.

The system is new - an old motherboard, but new. New harddrive, new installation of Windows, everything.

Is it the network card? Is it the driver? I got the driver from ASUS's website, matching the model number.

The Internet works fine, otherwise. No issues. I've never seen a problem like this one.

O/S: Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP 3
Motherboard: ASUS P4P800
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  1. have you tried another network cable?

    have you switched ports on the bridge?

    have you tried different drivers?
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