Selling a netbook with Win 7 installed

my netbook came with win 7 starter, and i want to sell it with win 7 starter. i can clear most of my personal files but still am concerned about security a little bit. is there anything i can/should do to ensure that my files are deleted and that a new user cannot gain access to them? win 7 starter does not come with a reinstallation method, so i can't format and reinstall. thanks for the help.
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  1. Your netbook should have came with some method of restoring the OS.

    You should be able to do a format/restore to make it "like new".
  2. most vendors put the restore image on the hard drive in another partion. you have hit a key at post to start the restore or make the disk. with a netbook you might need to make the disk first then using another pc with a cr-rom use microsoft iso to usb software to pout the iso imahe on a usb stick.
  3. okay it sounds like asus only has a recovery point using system restore. i don't really think that is going to ensure private data is erased though, will it?
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