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Could somebody tell me what is the best PCI TV tuner card (with remote control) in the market? How about AverMedia?

Also, what's the best AGP video card to run Maya or any other 3D Animation software?

BTW, DO NOT MENTION PowerColor NAME HERE!! I hate this stupid brand! This is the reason:

I bought a brand new PowerColor MTV 878 TV tuner + remote control two weeks ago and it has a serious hardware problem (affect the audio) since it came out from the box, although the box is sealed and there's a "Quality Control Passed" sticker on the box. Yes, very ironic. BAD QUALITY!!

I spent more than a week to solve the problem before I found out that this is a hardware problem. I had tested the card with two computers with different configurations, tested the card with 3 versions of Windows (98, ME and 2000), tested the card with various drivers found in the Internet and PowerColor web site, changed speakers and all audio cables, etc.. All have the same result: only one speaker works and it produces crappy and squeaky sound. The other one are totally dead! What's the point watching TV without audio?

Waste my time, money and energy... that's why so piss off. Mad.. really MAD! Especially because I bought it BRAND NEW and it doesn't work since it came out from the box!! Can't believe it, PowerColor released a defective product with a "Quality Control Passed" sticker on it! What a shame. Don't ask me about their service to solve this problem... geez!!!

Please give me some suggestion about best TV Tuner and Graphic card.

No more PowerColor product in my life!!

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  1. Well, if I were getting both anyway, I'd go for the ATI All In Wonder 8500DV, because of it's feature set.

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