Upload speed on one computer is 1mps all others are over 20mps...

So, I just built a new gaming pc:

16g ddr3 ram
radeon hd7770 2g
sabertooth z77 mobo

I have 3 other computers all getting great speeds but, my new pc gets a terrible upload speed of 1mps or less. Download speed is fine, 40+mps. I have checked for viruses, spyware etc. This box has barely been used anyway, no chance to get a virus. I have tried wired and wireless. Both the same results. All other computers using the same cables and plugs on the router are getting over 20mps up and 40 down. My ping across the country is about 100 which seems fine. I'm pulling my hair out here trying to figure out what is wrong.

I have no extra stuff installed, only AVG free and windows security, steam, and a few games. None of this is running while I speedtest.

I have no idea what to do to fix this? Any advice would be helpful.

I have verizon fios and am using the router supplied with the service: Actiontech m1424
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  1. Nobody has an answer for me? Do you need more info?
  2. Does the FIOS setup use separate devices for the modem and router, or is it an all-in-one solution? If they’re separate, then connect the PC directly to the modem and see what the results are. Let's see if we can either eliminate or point the finger at the router.
  3. Have you updated your network card drivers?
  4. All in one router/modem and yes I updated lan drivers directly from asus. All other computers have a great up and down speed wired and wireless on the router, I have tried different cat5 cables and all the plougs on the router. I have pretty much eliminated the router and isolated the problem to this computer.
  5. To see if it's a hardware vs. software issue, boot a live Linux CD (e.g., Ubuntu) and see if the problem continues.
  6. If you haven't already, find one of your wired connections that is working properly and pull it's ethernet cable and plug it into the new pc. If it's still slow and you have a spare network card lying around, try installing the network card and see if it makes a difference. If it does, the onboard LAN adapter may be bad.
  7. Already done both of these, same results 45 down and 1mps or less up...
  8. Even a discrete network card is slow? Try booting with a live linux CD and see what kind of speeds you get. This will at least eliminate the OS and it's configuration from the equation. If linux is slow too, I'd have to say it's a motherboard issue.
  9. i have same problem ..connection on one computer works great, when i use it on other one upload is very slow. cant even test it with speedtest ..but download is good ..i use same network card in both computers ..so i guess its software problem ...cuz it worked before and one day stopped working ..tried all, nothing helped ..now i will try to format/reinstall windows
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