Network printing problems on Windows 7

Trendnet TE100-P1P: Lenovo computer: Modem/Router, 4 direct Erthernet RJ-45 connections + Wireless: Printer Brother HL-5140

With Windows XP. The above setup works AOK.

With Windows-7 OS:
The computer connected directly to one of 4 Ethernet RJ-45 connectors, along with one other to the server will print OK.
Computers on WI-Fi cannot print.
The computers on Wireless NETwork cannot find the printer and so will not print.

Trendnet Support have confirmed the above situation by remote-take-over but have no resolution.

Any guidance available?
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  1. Only thing I can suggest is a work-around and use a network ready printer and print via IP or use a print server conected to your printer.
  2. You say you have a work station and a server. Are you printing wirelessly succesfully from those two stations? It's just from the wireless computers you cant detect the printer?

    What kind of "network" per se do you have configured, i.e Homegroup
    Also, what kind of configuration you had with XP
  3. did you assign a static IP to the TE100-P1P?

    do you have to install software for the print server on each computer?
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