Not even wired devices recognize my Vista PC.

Not sure what subsection this belongs to since I can't figure the problem out at all.

A couple of weeks ago I could not stream media from my wireless xbox (though can connect to internet/live etc), it hinted for me to make sure that my PC is on the same network. Then I checked my wired xbox and it also can not connect or see my PC.
I also have 2 exact network connections in my network map which are both in use, if I disable 1, they both disconnect, but if I disable IPv6, 1 will disappear.

I have since also changed my modem/router since.

I have also switched my network adapter from my wired to wireless 1 to my PC, still no change.

There is also an odd switch and Linux router in my network map, I have an SMC router, not sure why it labels it a "linux router" suddenly. My actual routers name does not show up in my "view computers and devices section".

This "linux router's" MAC address does not match the last 2 digits of my MAC address inside my router settings. I can not disable the router since it keeps me an error saying that it is busy with a connect or dissconnect operation.

Also my computer does show every device in my netwrok (besides my router), but nothing recognizes my PC.

I am really stuck after trying to solve the issue for about 2 weeks now.
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  1. to be more specific my "Cable rf mac address" does not match the router in my network and sharing center map
  2. Also I just saw that the default gateway, dhcp server and dns server all have the same address.

    just adding more info, not sure if that is the problem.
  3. Sounds like a lot of changes and headaches. Is malware out of the question? Secondly, it could be a serious driver issue, but on wired and wireless it seems unlikely.
  4. I have scanned my computer with a ton of different anti-virus things, nothing was ever found with any, I had a warning of 1, but it was supposidly stopped by my anti virus software just before the problem, I googled info on it and could not find any traces of it anywhere on my PC. I can't remember the name of it, serifif...something like that.
    I did have a Vista update just before the issue started, I uninstalled it all, still the same issue.
    I'm not all that computer literate and I am sooo stuck.
    now I am reading that canadians are being attacked by some DNS Changer Malware while I was trying to google the name of the threat I got.
  5. Don't worry about the DNS thing, has nothing to do with LANs. If it were my network I'd do one of two things. First, I'd start throwing out model numbers on your router, the lan card, mobo etc. so we can all google around a bit too. Second, I'd reinstall Vista, a dirty business, but necessary from time to time.

    Effin Vista... Cheers
  6. the model # is SMCD3GN
    Ive tried 2 entirely different routers, same problem, in my router status everything looks fine, but my actual PC is not.
    the router in my network (the 1 that does not belong) is some Linux router that has a link in the properties to a page that tells me nothing about it (at least I do not have the slightest idea what anything on it means)
  7. Two routers effectively rules out firmware, cause I'd like to go there. What do you mean it doesn't belong? is a linux archive, it's legit. So what's up with that router? And while it's on my mind have you tried an ubuntu live cd in the machine? Linux is a great way to rule out physical problems.
  8. mmm... i think i got it... after looking into what in the world this is doing in my network, i discovered it comes down to when I installed Citrix a long time ago (through following link after link from that kernal link, I discovered my old university was on a list of linux mirrors...). Even though I uninstalled it, thought I did, I think somehow it is still somewhere messing around with my network, since the update I assume..
    so how do I fully uninstall it? where do i look for traces?...
  9. That's a hard left into right field. To uninstall, I'd start with a manual reboot of the router, stick a paper clip or pencil in the little hole and hold it there till the router blinks angrily. That should take it to factory presets, at which point you'll need to rebuild any network settings. Seems unlikely that you'd leave citrix as a virtual installation on vista but anything's possible. If citrix isn't running then it can't impact the network, and the linux kernel is hosted by many universities.

    But I thought we were hooking up one errant pc
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