Acer Aspire One Netbook will only reboot

Hi there everyone!

I'm hoping someone may help. Recently my netbook took a turn for the worse. I turned it on one day and all it would do is reboot. I ran chkdsk, did memory checks, tried system restores. I did what process of elimination I could do, swapped the hard drive out (it's not the hard drive or a virus on it), I swapped the ram out, it wasn't the ram, I tried to flash the bios, it didn't work. All that ever happens is the system reboots, I see the black windows splash screen and then I'm immediately thrown back to the command prompts for starting from the last good start, etc. Any suggestions or help would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you. Melissa

The system is a Windows 7 netbook, with a Neo processor.
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  1. when booting up press f8 and select boot in safe mode
    if you can get to the desktop some driver is crashing your computer
  2. Trust me I've tried this. I'm not the most novice of computer users by any means. There is NO getting to a desktop and there is not getting the system to do a restore. I tried a fresh hard drive in this machine, and there is still NO getting a desktop period. I'm at wits end.
  3. By fresh hard drive, you mean you installed Windows 7 on an empty hard drive?
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