Recover Windows 7 key from broken disk netbook with no windows label.


How can I recover the Windows 7 key if the hard disk has broken (I have changed it) AND I cannot see the Windows key label on the back of the laptop because it isn't there (there's a linux label instead)?, of course my doubt is whether Windows or Linux was the original OS. If Windows 7 was the original OS and is thus an OEM version, can I contact Microsoft and ask them and give them the serial number or product number of the netbook?

I've contacted the manufacturer of the netbook and he's sent an DVD image of the OS but asks for validation, I've asked about it but he didn't answer.

Netbook: POINT OF VIEW MOBII MODEL NB9040 , sticker says LINUX 9040R3

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  1. Try running Belarc.
  2. If You can not access the HDD, you can not retrieve the Key.
    You will have to get a replacement OS DVD WITH a Key. Will probably require proof of ownership.
    Baring that - Unfornautly about the only fix is to Buy a new OEM version of Windows.
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    If there is no Windows 7 label on your netbook it is unlikely that it had an OEM Windows 7 installed by the manufacturer.

    So who installed Windows 7 ?
    they should know what key was used

    It is possible to find Windows & Office keys if Windows is corrupted preventing bootup but the hard disk not seriously damaged and registry files can still be read

    you can boot from a Windows PE disk (USB CD/DVD or USB memory stick) and then load the remote registry & run one of a number of tools which can read the License keys

    This is very complicated to explain BUT it has already been done.

    see the ubcd4win project at which is a version of BartPE with many useful freeware & shareware tools included
    (you need a Windows XP CD to build this project + a working PC with Windows XP or later)


    Mike Barnes
  4. Hi :)

    If its got a Linux sticker it NEVER had Windows on it so your only choice LEGALLY is to BUY Windows....

    In the UK as an example there were lots of CHEAP NETBOOKS sold with Linux on as they cost a LOT less ........

    All the best Brett :)
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  6. Thanks all for your answers.
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