After reinstalling sata drivers in windows 7 os won't boot u again

I'm a newbie so be kind:)
I recently build a new system with win7 64bit. Everything went well untill I exchanged a blue ray drive with a dvdwriter (1 day later). Win7 recognized the drive in device manager but did not assign a drive letter nor would the drive open (function). After trying everything I can think of I decided to reinstall the sata drivers from the asus website:(because I wasn't able to use the motherboard disk with the DVD drive for installation) the system restarted and never booted back up. The bios recognize the ssd as 1st boot but win7 does not boot back up. As a matter of fact the hd LED doesnt flash anymore like it did when the system was working. I also could not use 5 USB ports (i was going to reinstall the drivers after the sata drivers) from the beginning of win7 install and Bluetooth comport not available. WTF!!!
Can anyone help?
Did I screw up the bios? (bios flash with USB?)
And or ssd die on me?

Asus rampage iv extreme x79
2x2gb corsair dominator gt 1600
Intel i7 3820
Sandisk extreme ssd 120gb (the only storage media)
Corsair h100 cooling
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  1. Did you happen to make a system repair disk or a system imaged backup before you started to mess every thing up. Where do you normally boot from the CD or HDD in your case it might be your SSD. If you didn't mess with your SSD files and you can put the origional optical drive back the way it was try to boot again. Are you able to get into Bios and see if your SSD or CD is at the top of the boot stack, If you have you install disk make sure the Cd drive is at the top of the Bios Boot Stack save any changes and try to boot. Try the same thing with the SSD on top. If one of these lets you start up your are goot to go. If I were you I'd buy another HDD and install ASAP. Good luck!
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