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Hello, I have been using my Sony Locationfree tv with Direct TV and now have Comcast and it doesn't work. The installer said i have to change the tv setting to channel 3, but i haven't been able to program the remote he gave me. I thought the device was just a wireless monitor, so i don't see how it has a channel to change. Any thoughts?
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  1. I have never used this and have no experiance of it but looking at what it does I would say that when you first set the Sony Locationfree TV thing up you must have programmed it to be able to send an IR signal (mimic the remote) or something to your direct TV box so that you can change channel etc? Now you have a Comcast box you need to reprogram the Sony Box to send compatible remote control codes to the new comcast unit?

    Sorry if I just talked nonsense there I am just trying to think how I would imagine it works.
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