ProphetView 920 Pro - Viewing Angles?

Quote from Tom's recent review...

"What a pity. Like all the monitors that use the HyDis, the ProphetView 920 Pro provides a brightly colored image, and the wake is very slight, and even invisible in many movies, but the screen suffers from having angles of vision that are too restricted. The vertical angle de vision, especially in the horizontal, is very disappointing. The PV 920 Pro is adequate for display a DivX for someone alone in their room, but under no circumstances could it be used as the main TV set on which you could watch your favorite movies with the family."

According to Tom's review the viewing angle of this screen is 125/150(Hor./Vert.), now according to Hercules website the viewing angle is 170/150.

Can anybody explain the difference?

Has anyone actually got a recent version of this screen? If so do you find view angles restrictive?

This screen seems to have everything I want, but I want to use it as a TV so I want decent viewing angles.

Any experiences greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have Q17 which is suppose to have the same panel. And you are right, the angle is not the best but honestly how often do you really watch TV from the sides? The viewing angle could be better I agree but it's not that bad that you couldn't watch a movie. We have projection TV here in our house and it is worse than the LCD because you can't even see good on the angles. MY LCD only losses a little brightness but not too bad. Hope this helps.
  2. The Hercules website also says 450:1 contrast ratio (vs. 500:1 on THG). Any idea where to buy this monitor in the US? I really don't want to pay $549 retail through Hercules.
  3. I have just taken delivery of a ProphetView 920 Pro in the last hour and I paid £365! + p&p (approx $635 USD).
  4. Yikes! Well maybe I should count my blessings and suck it up. Make sure to post your review of the monitor.
  5. The new version of the Prophetview has higher viewing angles. The review was of the previous version. (Rev A vs Rev B)
  6. Any idea if you received rev A or B? I placed an order on Wednesday for the 920 Pro DVI and I'm having difficulty getting answers from Guillemot as to whether I can get the monitor delivered before XMas.

    The last response I got from tech support was "We do not have information as to when the product will be available.
    You will be notified once the product has shipped. If you wish to cancel the order at a later time, please contact us."

    Anyone else find this incredulous?
  7. Anyone have any idea on how long the backorder is going to be for this product?
  8. Crap! It took them 4 days to tell me the product is back ordered. So much for a XMas surprise. I'm NOT impressed with their customer service at all - it took 4 replies from them to tell me finally (via a bot) that the product was back ordered and no idea when it'll come.

    Looks like I'm going with the ViewSonic for a XMas gift and I'll wait till next summer for the 19" LCD (guessing that's the timeframe?)
  9. I put my order in Monday the 8th. Checked the site two days later and it was backordered, but it has shipped as of this Friday. Should be getting it in Monday.
  10. Well that is encouraging - did you use the free UPS Ground shipping method? I guess I will give it another week or so in the hopes that the monitor comes in and will get here before XMas - otherwise, I'll cancel it and grab the Viewsonic. C'mon Santa, help me out here!
  11. Yeah, I got the free UPS ground shipping. When did you put your order in? It seems they take a few days to actually process the order.

    I put my order in Monday night so I'm guessing it wasn't actually processed that day.

    It might be saying something good about the monitor if it's on backorder. Give it a few days. I'll update with impressions once I get it (if I get it hooked up).
  12. Ordered it first thing Wednesday morning and heard from them on Saturday that it was backordered.
  13. I wouldn't give up so easily on this monitor if it's all it's cracked up to be according to reviews. You still have ten days 'till Christmas. I hope you get yours shipped and get it in time. I hope mine gets here on time as well.
  14. Mine says Manufactured Nov 2003 and has 'R-2' marked on it (Revision 2?).

    In the UK most sites I looked at stated long lead time expected. Then I found which said expecting stock Mon 8th Dec. so I ordered on the 8th and it arrived on the 9th!

    Loverly screen though, so don't give up too soon.
  15. Looking at the site they have knocked £10 off the price already :-(
  16. I buy a lot from Overclockers and generally I find them very good.

    How well does your new monitor handle gaming?

    Barton 2500+, 512MB Corsair Platinum XMS 3200 CL2, Radeon 9700, WD Raptor 10,000 rpm S-ATA HDD, Asus A7V600, Enermax 460W SilentPlus PSU.
  17. Must confess, I haven't really had a chance for any gaming on it yet. I mainly bought it for DVD/TV, major swinging factor (apart from the quality of the panel) was the ease with which it can be wall maounted - 2 screws and you're done, no expensive brackets required.
  18. Just got my order in. Extremely nice looking monitor.

    I won't pretend I know anything about what to look for in an LCD nor will I pretend to understand everything they speak of in the THG review, but I really like this screen thus far.

    Set it up quickly to look at some web pages and basic stuff like that and everything is just so nice and crisp. I haven't messed with the factory default settings yet.

    I don't really know what this "ghosting" thing is. I thought I understood it, but I didn't see any thus far after watching some movie scenes and playing some games. I didn't get a headache or anything so I guess that's a good sign.

    QUESTION: Dead pixels...are these fairly obvious or do I have to really look for them. I looked at the screen through some apps and everything seemed to be in order. What exactly do I look for?

    Lookin' nice thus far though. BTW, where'd you see the revision and build date for your LCD?
  19. Date and revision are on a label with the serial number at the rear of the screen.
  20. The back cover (with the Hercules logo) came installed and I don't want to have to remove it. Thanks.
  21. I didn't have to remove it to see the serial number.
  22. did anyone else get their order placed at hercules set as back order? if so, how long did it take to get sent? I am not worried at recieving mine by christmas... but before january 5th would be nice... :P (having just ordered mine)
    and did anyone else get an email asking for confirmation on bill/shipping address? It seems odd that they would ask for an email with that info after all the verification stuffz...
  23. You're right...Rev. 2 Nov. 2003.

    BTW, I put my order in the 8th of December. Showed as back-ordered for two days but I just got it in this Tuesday.
  24. On my packing list:

    Order Date: 12/8/03
    Ship Date: 12/12/03
    Receive Date: 12/16/03

    Mine did show as back-ordered for a day or two. Seemed like a pretty good turn around. Keep in mind that the time between ship and receive date includes the weekend.

    My shipping and billing address were the same. Yours different? Maybe that's why they're making sure.
  25. Nuts, he who hesitates is lost. I ordered mine the 10th (2 days after you placed your order) and still haven't gotten it (or notification that they've shipped it)
  26. What a crock and shady marketing techniques to allow orders for something they cannot fill with any certainty in the near future. I just canceled my order. I would like to post my negative experiences on the web site that provided such a positive review and urge them to tone down their reviews in lieu of this poor customer experience.
  27. I just got my 920 PRO DVi and have had a pretty decent change to play around with it. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the screen.

    Not a single dead pixel, the refresh is all it claims, the engineering, aesthetics, and build quality are superb. I have to say that this IS the pinnacle of 17" LCD engineering at this point.

    Manufactured Nov:2003 R-2 - whatever that means. Does anyone have specific info on the differences between the revs?

    The order, as others, was initially placed on didn't get here by Christmas, which was disappoitning, and initially tempted cancellation...Soooo glad that we didn't cancel.

    Thinking it over, the stock and supply is limited, only x international units are boxed and delivered each week, and their supply flucuates. They made good on the delivery of a VERY high quality, in demand product, so I don't have any major faults save the lack of easy communication.

    Hopefully the rest of you that have gotten these screens are absolutely loving them!
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