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Hi all, I am planning to build a desktop computer(my first build). At the moment the cable modem is hooked up to the wireless router.

Before I decide to purchase a wireless card for the desktop I want to know a few things.

Do I need to purchase a card of the same brand as the wireless router? I'm currently using the Buffalo G54 WBR2 adapter. Its about 5-6 or more years old.

Is there a certain requirement to use these cards like the OS(Window 7, Vista, XP, Linux etc) and do I have to be using certain wireless adapter model in order for it to work?

Also I see all these information about IEEE 802.11ac/b/g/n or dual band. What does these mean?

Thanks in advance I am very new to these stuff :)
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  1. Do I need to purchase a card of the same brand as the wireless router?No
  2. Thanks for the reply. Is there a certain brand or model you can recommend?
  3. Do you want internal or USB?
  4. I plan to use an internal one. Is there much difference in them? So far from what I read internal ones usually gives better performance? I would opt for a USB if the difference are minimum.

    Also this desktop is used mostly for gaming.

  5. There is good and bad no matter which you choose.You have a wireless g router , so a wireless g adapter would be fine for you.If you plan to upgrade your router in the future buy an n now because they are backwards compatible.
  6. Thanks alot for the info :)
  7. Your Welcome!
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