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Our company just brought a .net software. Nw I have to install it in a single PC or windows server. We have 5 software developer So how do i share this software from the server for this 5 user in our LAN network. And more important think 5 developer will work on this software at the same time. Because this software is a multi user software. Kindly tell me what the concept will work in such cases and what is procedure to make it. Thank you
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  1. I don't think I've ever heard of multi-user development software. It's normally single user and you use versioning/collabrative software for indivuduals to post their updates.

    If this is truly multi-user, all you need to do is set the permissions on the program folder so that your develpment workgroup has access to it.
  2. Thank you for your reply. If I set the permission on the software program folder then can any developer run the software from there own pc by over LAN?
  3. If those people have user accounts on the server and the program truly is multi-user than yes. If it's not multi-user, it will fail miserably.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I've share the software installed folder from the program folder of c drive but it's not opening from other pc of LAN. I m getting some dll error. Some one tell me I can do it by making terminal server. Can you give me some idea on it. Can u tell me how I share a software by terminal server. Please reply me as soon as possible. It's very argent for me. Thank you.
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    If the software isn't multi user than terminal services will make no difference. You will need a license for each computer you want to run the software on. It's appearent that this software isn't multi-user. You didn't list the name of the software either.
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  7. Thanks friend, I guess the problem is solve. I install terminal server in windows server 2003 and access this software from different PC at the same time. It's working fine. Thanks for support me friend.
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