Start up repair doesnt work any suggestions

I ran norton power eraser (had a virus) and it id'd a number of bad things so I said fix it and now windows wont start up. comp says to run startup repair but that doesnt work and I dont know what to do from here
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  1. Hello karenk213;

    Did you back up all your important personal files and data?
    You might need to go a clean install of Win7 to get back running.
    And do you have a the license key (25 digit serial number) of Win7?
  2. If you have an installation disk as WR2 suggested, there is a way to preserve your data by installing to a new partition, but you'd need access to another machine to download partition software and create a bootable disk...
  3. If Windows 7 still won't show up to repair, try using Repair CD Command Line to run bootrec.exe /fixboot then bootrec.exe /fixmbr to see if it will jump start it to show up to repair.
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