My router says that i have internet access and then it says that i dont. I get t

Every computer in the house works except for my laptop.

On my laptop... The router signal strength bar says that i have internet access and then it says that i dont. When I try to open a webpage I get the Windows is unable to communicete with the DNS Server message.
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  1. Hi :)

    It "could" be the wireless card in the laptop starting to needs testing in a repair shop...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Move your laptop as CLOSE to the wireless router as possible in a direct line of sight.

    If it works here then your problem is that the signal is too weak for your laptop where it is. Some routers allow you to increase the strength of the signal.

    Other options include using an ETHERNET cable or buying a USB wi-fi adapter.

    It could also be a software glitch and I'll help further if I can.
  3. If its the case that Windows is showing that you have a connection to your router but the web browser is having problems loading web pages, it seems that for whatever reason your computer is able to communicate with the router but not the outside world. In other words the LAN or WLAN are working ok but the WAN isn't. This could be related to DNS settings on your laptop. Check the network configuration and DNS settings.
  4. Start ---> All Programs ---> Accesseries ----> Right Click on Command Prompt, and select Run as Admin. Now the commands in order:

    1) ipconfig

    You should see a default gateway v4 listed. It will either start with 192 or 10. If you see this, go to #2. If you see no gateway, but either a or a 169.254.X.X IPv4 Address, go to #3

    2) ping

    If you get replies, your system is connected. If you get timeouts or "cannot find host", then it's either a virus or something blocking your connection. It's not the modem or router since the laptop connects.

    3) netsh i i r r
    netsh winsock reset catalot

    Run them both together, then reboot after the Winsock is reset. This resets the TCP/IP information. Once reboot, check ipconfig.

    4) If you still got a 169.254 or IP address, try removing the wifi network and reconnect it. If you still can't connect, it's a bad wifi card at that point.
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