SonyEricsson WorlQuest.05 - Please help!!

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Hi all!

Don't ask me how but I've managed to get myself nominated for this
World Quest and I need support! Basically, there are 30 nominees and
the public vote for the people they want to see compete... which is why
I need your help!

It sounds so amazing... I just hope I get through!

The website is ''
( and I'm the first person in Group 1 (Michael

I'm still not sure how the voting system will work, but there's another
guy also running and he is the second person in Group 2 (Kris Moors) -
please vote for him as well!

Voting starts tomorrow (17 March), and if you could all vote for us
that would be great!!
Thanks so much!!:D

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    Yope everybody !!!!

    Trying hard to get a lot of votes... REALLY HARD ! But tomorrow I will
    be in the national newspapers and national radio [image:]

    But I think I (and off course also Michael) REALLY need your support !

    WE OWE YOU A LOT !!!

    Kris Moors


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