Do you really need a new PSU for a P4?

I have a old 350W generic PSU and I tried it on my P4 1.6GHz and I haven't found any problems yet. I left the square 4-pin empty and everything still works.

So is it really necessary to get a new PSU for the square 4-pin for a P4?
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  1. Guess not.

    It's a series of 12v lines, I'm not sure if they're used for IO or what. Have you stressed the cpu/memory/gfx with some games?
  2. Okay. Just wondering if there can be any problems in the future to watch out for or is it safer to get a new PSU..

    Sorry what's IO?

    Yes I have stressed the cpu 100% but not for a long period of time and I've overclocked my memory and gfx without any problems.
  3. I would get a new PSU. I do not want to damage the computer.
  4. IO is input/output.

    Flip on a game and let it run overnight. Personally, I like Unreal Tournament set on a server game as a spectator. I pick one that has 32 players in it, turn off the monitor, and go to bed.

    If there's some kind of loop demo for Medal of Honor or some other fairly new game, you might give that a shot instead. Quake3 has a time demo, but I wouldn't call Q3 that 'intensive' even with a P2-450 and a voodoo2 card.
  5. Alright thx.

    Well I do leave my cpu on 24/7 and nothing has happened yet.

    But I'm not a big time game machine but I do play a little so I guess to go the safe side I might as get a new PSU.

    Haven't played Unreal for awhile but play Counter-strike and gonna try SOF..

    thx again,
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