New router/adapter wireless connectivity keeps dropping after seconds

Hey guys I just bought a new router because my wireless internet began to get extremely slow. It was slow for two separate devices that were connected but the internet was very fast for the PC that is wired to the router. So I used this as the perfect time to upgrade my old b/g router to wireless n. Well that I've gotten it set up the PC that is connected wirelessly can't keep the connection for more than about 30 seconds. While it's connected it seems pretty quick but then it drops.

I know nothing about networking and have no clue what the problem is. The router I bought is a Linksys E1200 and the wireless adapter is a Linksys AE1200. Also, when the internet quits working and I have Windows run it's diagnostics it just resets the wireless adapter and it works for about 30 more seconds. However one time it couldn't find any networks and when I tried running the diagnostics I got a BSOD. Let me know what other info is needed.

Edit: Just connected both my PS3 and my laptop. The PS3 just finished downloading a system update with no problems and laptop has been connected now for a few minutes and has a very fast connection. So I'm guessing the problem is now either my PC or the Linksys adapter.
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  1. please make sure your PC has the latest windows service pack. If you are getting disconnected from wireless log into your router and change the radio channel that it broadcasts on. You could also be disconnected from any devices that cause EMI. for example dont put the router between your washer and dryer :)
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