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I have a house with two flours and all rooms have an ethernet port.
The first flour has a main router which all rooms connect to (via wires) and this router dials to the internet. This router is also responsible for DHCP etc, and its a D-Link 6740VN.
The other flour has the following setup: Wall-> Cross Cable -> D-link 2760U Router -> PC.

My goal is to have two routers that broadcast wireless access. So when I'm on the first flour I'm connected to the main router, and when I move around the house with my phone I want to pick up the second router automatically.

I've tried all sorts of combinations and settings and can't get it to work.
1. Tried setting different SSIDs, channels etc but the phone won't switch routers because the range is overlapping.
2. Tried setting the same SSID, channel, security, etc... also no luck. The phone only sees one AP but I don't see improved signal as I move around.
3. I don't want to use wireless bridging because a) It's slow and b) I have the wires in the walls and it feels like a wast.

Any idea how to get this to work? Is it even possible or I have to buy a more expensive gear?

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  1. Seems odd that you need roaming since it appears that your one router has good enough coverage for both floors. I think your phone just connects to the best signal and remains there until it's lower threshold is reached. I don't think you can change the power your router's radios run at. If you aren't dropping signal, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. The issue is that while I'm connected, I can't seem to use the Wifi because it's so slow.
    So maybe changing the lower threshold on the phone isn't such a bad idea. Thanks.
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