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Hard Drive Question.

Last response: in Storage
June 24, 2002 1:34:44 PM

Hey, Quickie here,
I have a A-Bit KT7 Motherboard and I can't find manual.
Do you think it will recognize an 80GB hard Drive? (And In one Drive, No Partions).
Running Win98SE...

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June 24, 2002 8:47:09 PM


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June 25, 2002 2:53:38 AM

Kt7.... early KT133 chipset.
yep. shouldnt have too many problems.

win98SE however... yuk... FAT32.
a single 80Gb partition really is too large. the cluster sizes are going to be huge.
if i were using fat32 i would split it into 2.

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June 25, 2002 3:22:22 AM

Yeah Win98SE
Its not my fault freaking MS prices XP SO DAMN HIGH.
June 25, 2002 4:11:51 AM

have you considered win2k?
just as good as XP in my books.

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June 25, 2002 2:30:42 PM

Still too expensive, plus I dont know aout the compability.
June 26, 2002 12:07:46 AM

its compatible... i put a copy on a friends computer which was a duron 850 on a gigabyte kt133 mobo.

just make sure you also put on the service pack 2, via drivers and latest drivers for everything.

oh well. you can do a 80gig drive with fat32, but you hae to live with huge 32 or 64k cluster sizes *ugh*

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June 26, 2002 12:33:54 PM

Two words "backwards compatible",

Some bios\OS's dont recognize large drves sometimes. So just check for bios updates.


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June 26, 2002 5:36:39 PM

Last Time I updated my BIOS my computer wouldnt boot up, because somethings messed up so it thinks that the fan is not spining (which it is) and shuts it off...