Internet sharing between different versions of windows using a wireless/wired ro

hi all,

my name is mallikarjun
i have a problem on internet/file/printer sharing
I have 3 pc's two are of windows xp and 1 windows 7 and i installed a belkin router and configured internet between three laptops which are also running win7 and they are connected wirelessly through a wireless router.

but i cant able to share file/internet on pc's running windows xp,
i have run network setup wizard and checked printer and file sharing even then it is not working, and it displays limited or no connectivity

please help me out of this problem

my email id is
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If those XP systems don't have password protected User Accounts, Windows 7 won't want to talk to them unless you modify its settings. In Network and Sharing Centre, scroll all the way down the settings until you find Password Protection and tick not to need it. Restart and you should be able to share files.

    If XP still poses a problem after that, it sometimes helps to go into Control panel>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy>User Rights Assignment then click on Deny Access to this Computer and if Guest is showing, remove it. Again, a restart will set the change in stone and should help.

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