0xc000000f - Windows selecting incorrect installation

gday guys . i am having trouble repairing the error . i have tried all the bootrec commands etc nothing is working do not really want to reinstall as it has important files on it . problem occured after wife installed some software that worked fine on her old xp system
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  1. Have you tried to do a "repair"? Your old files will be in a "windows.old" file. Try that.
  2. What is the exact error message, and when does it come up?
  3. the message apears on the attempt to boot . i have tried repair console with no sucess . i tried to rewrite the mbr once again with no success.

    the error occured after my wife installed of all things dosbox . she also installed a csi game with quicktime . those were the last 2 actions undertaken .

    i managed to recover and boot her old windows xp pro installation on a seperate disk and then tried to see if i could access any data on the other 4 hdd . very little data is recoverable at this time . my question now is will deleting and rewriting the boot.ini files help with the process as it worked wonders to recover the win xp system .
  4. If you do a repair setup it will not delete any personal files or settings. Clearing out the mbr, unless you do it before Window loads, would cause boot issues.
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