Help needed :( , making XP dual boot.

Well , Hi everyone...
I need help with my XP.
I have 1 HD with XP on it and i have no problam with that, the thing is, that i reinstalled my old HD with WIN98 and now i want to make XP dual boot.
I have BootMagic 7.0 , but as i understood from the manuals, i need to format and reinstall WIN98. (and i really want to keep my old data).
So if anyone out there might have an idea, I'll appreciate it.

10x in advance.
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  1. Not sure exactly how to make it so you have a bootloader option screen at startup to choose, but in the meantime if you need to switch between the 2, you can probably just switch what to boot off of in bios.

  2. Yep , i thought about it but i fear that WIN98 will mess up some of the XP startup file. (although it shouldn't, but one can never know what windows is up to).
  3. To turn on the dual boot screen on start up right click on My Computer and click properties, Then click Advanced, then Start Up and recovery.
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