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I have a major problem with Quicken, installed under compatibly mode with windows XP service pack 3. It seams to work ok but I cannot print Invoices or copy them to the clipboard.
Any ideas please
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  1. Just tried it on mine, printed fine. Same setup, Win 7 installed as XP, but think it may have been SP2. Can't see that would make a difference. Happy to make comparisons if you think of any... Presume you set up the printer in File Menu?
  2. Hello Xnut;

    I've seen similar problems in Quicken addressed in the Intuit forums.
    It was ages ago and I no long have a link to the topic.
  3. Thank you dodger46, The printer is set up ok and shows HP inkjet 1200 and the printer tries to start with the light flashing but no action.
    What a pain !!
  4. Printer works ok in other apps I take it. Do you get this screen when you hit 'print' on the invoice?
    Mebbe it's ok with the Epson,
    I have an HP somewhere,I'll dig it out and see if it works with that.
    Hmmm. Document doesn't even make it to the Print Queue. Must be an issue with that type of printer not being compatible with Quicken. Have you tried the Intuit website?
  5. Definitely an issue with the printer. Furthest I got was it loaded the paper then stopped. Can only suggest you buy another (Epson?) or swap yours with someone who has anything but an HP!
  6. Thank you dogger46 for you valiant efforts. Tried the link to add an HP Deskjet 990 but there was not one in the list so that came to a grinding halt.
    Looks like I am doomed to failure. ???????????????
  7. That's depressing! Really don't see why it's not included on the list... perhaps contact Intuit to see if there's an alternative...
  8. I suggest you install Cute Pdf as a printer and set it as the printer Quicken uses. It is free open source software.
    I always print to this first, because it gives me an electronic copy of the form/document. Then I can print from that to absolutely any printer that is installed on my computer.
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