Stripe array has broken ...


first, please excuse my englisch, i am german i very bad in english.

big problem. my computer was running for a while and it started standby mode, after 15 minutes i wanted to access my drive (in stripe array) and nothing happens. i couldn't access. after restarting my raid controller said that one of the disks fail. so i switched it off, checked the cables and turned it on again. after that, both hdds initialized successfully but there was the message of the broken array again. i could create a new stripe array, but the problem is, that all the data will be lost. so my question: is there a way to tell the hdds that they are partners of a stripe array without formatting and deleting the data on it?

exists a tool that puts the hdds together to a stripe array without formatting?

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  1. What type of array are you running?

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  2. i'm running a raid-0 (stripe-array).

    highpoint hpt372 controller
    2 hdds IBM IC 60 GB
  3. a few minutes ago i read about a linux command like mkraid --force /dev/md1 to rewrite the raid-superblocks to rebuild the stripe-array (raid-0) without loosing the data. is there a tool or command for windows, too?

  4. Im a Unix guy by heart and am aware of that script, but do not know of anything that would run in windows
    But I saw this documentation from this link : Highpoint Controller is reporting a broken stripe set. How can I fix it?

    The Highpoint Controller is reporting a broken stripe set. How can I fix it?

    Note that running the disk benchmark program HDTach with Advanced Size Check enabled is a frequent cause of broken stripe sets! Another likely cause of broken strip sets is a defective IDE ribbon cable - be sure to replace your ribbon cables if you suffer from a broken stripe. Some people have had particular problems with rounded IDE cables (although not all: I use them without problems).

    The simplest thing to try first is to clear your CMOS and/or reflash the BIOS. This has been reported to fix reports of broken stripes in some circumstances. If this doesn't help, fear not! There are several means of repairing your disks. I advise that you try them in the order given here, as once you try one method there is a danger it will prevent other methods from working.

    Users of the NTFS file system may also want to read Microsoft's knowledge base articles on How to Recover From a Corrupt NTFS Boot Sector and Recovering NTFS boot sector on NTFS partitions and Description of the Windows Recovery Console.

    (^^^^Cut and paste the link i gave you so you can see the hyper-links in the texts -Tim)

    Use of Highpoint's raidrb utility

    Highpoint technical support kindly sent me an early version of their new utility to fix broken stripes on their HPT370//372A controllers. In this early version of the tool it is only possible to fix a RAID-0 array comprising two disks, or a RAID 0+1 array. It will not repair four-disk RAID-0 arrays. The utility raidrb is available on the downloads page. To use the utility do the following:

    Copy the utility onto a DOS floppy disk, boot from floppy into DOS and then run the utility by typing "raidrb" at the A: prompt (without quotes). You will be presented with four options.
    For the first attempt at rebuilding the RAID array, select option 1 "Create the bak file.And then rebuild!". This will save the configuration of your RAID array and then attempt to rebuild the array.
    For any subsequent attempts at rebuilding the RAID array, select option 2 "Don't create the bak file.And rebuild!". This will rebuild the array using a previously saved bak file.
    If the rebuild fails, use option 3 "Resume these disks' information!" to restore the original disk configuration. This uses the bak file created when you ran option 1.
    After running the utility, reboot, and see if you can access the disk from DOS (eg. type DIR). If you can, your disk is repaired!
    If the utility fails to rebuild the array, Highpoint recommend you contact their support department. Alternatively you can try one of the other methods below - but be aware that these may prevent Highpoint from offering you an alternative solution to the above. Your choice.

    Does this help, I have highpoint too, but rather that risk the loss of data I put my ass in more debt by ording another HDD so i can run RAID 0+1 :)


    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet get smaller.
  5. thanks a lot for this link. i have to try it later because first i have to manage a floppy. i had lost all hope and u gave it back 2 me. :)

    i will post what happened by the try to fix it.

  6. Yuppie !

    My Array is still there. :)
    The first Tool did his Job wonderfully. I thank u for this cool Link.

    Many Thanks
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