Want to disable WLAN Auto Config without disabling all my WiFi?

Get a stutter problem every 60 seconds in online games. Researched a little about it and it seems like its the WLAN Auto config scanning and seeing if there are better connections every 60 seconds. I don't need a better connection then my home network. When I go in and turn it off, it turns off WiFi completely. Can't use WeFi or the RaLink software that came with my adapter to connect either. If I can't use WiFi at all with that disabled, is there a better solution to this, like being able to change where it only searches every 60 minutes or something? Thanks for any advice.
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  1. That used to be a problem w/ Windows XP, but MS added an option to disable that under WZC (Windows Zero Configuration) a long time ago. I assume the same thing exists in Vista and Win7. So make sure you're using WZC and not the software that came w/ your wireless client adapter for configuration purposes.
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