What hardware do I need to connect wirelessly?

Hi, I finally put together my custom pc today and have been pleased with the results. I am currently trying to use an old usb adapter to connect wirelessly and downloaded the software cd, but the usb adapter doesn't even power up. It will power up with the computer I am using now, but not with the one I just built. I am wondering if it is because I don't have the right hardware or if I need to get a new adapter. What am I missing here?

Windows 7 64 bit
m4a87td EVO motherboard with Realtek LAN controller (I enabled this in BIOS, but then the computer doesn't recognize this)
Netgear N150 wireless usb adapter (using a Belkin router, but don't see how that should be a problem).

Any advice? Thanks.
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  1. Is the wireless USB adapter inserted in a USB port on the back of the motherboard? Or is it using one of the front/side/top USB ports of the case? If it’s the latter, make sure you've connected the USB cable(s) for the case to the appropriate USB port(s) on the motherboard!
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