Mac wireless internet problems (very weird)

I am having a weird problem with my roommates mac. He can connect to the router (ping it and change settings by accessing it through the web page), but cannot connect to the internet. Other computers in the house connect to the inetnet through the wireless router, so that isn't the problem.

To make matters weirder, when i ping things it will resolve their ip address, but it will lose all the packets (i pinged, and typed the ip address into a working computer and it worked just fine).

This made me think firewall, however i checked that and the firewall was turned off. I tried turning it on and adding a custom rule to allow traffic from port 80, but still no luck.

All this happened when he downloaded some updates. I'm very inexperienced with macs (hehe :kaola:), but im gonna try to find a way to revert these updates. Any other ideas in the mean time?

Thanks :sol:
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  1. EDIT: i flushed the dns cache cache, and pinged a website that this computer has never been to, and it still resolved the ip address just fine but the packets timed out...weird!
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  3. Update (and perhaps selfless bump) I have tried manually setting the IP address but no such luck. Also made sure there was no proxie server set up messing with things, but nothing there also. Any other advice would be very welcome.

  4. Have you tried changing the browser? Perhaps the browser's preferences file was moved, corrupted, or is incompatible in some way with the system update?
  5. I have tried two browsers, but even pinging a website isn't working so I doubt that will be the problem. :(
  6. Bump. Any other ideas before we resort to wiping it and starting over?
  7. Hmm, in theory it should 'just work'....

    what model of mac and what router do you have?
  8. You can ping the router, but not the Internet. What about pinging other computers on your home network? (If you can do that then it's a routing problem.) I'd suggest that it's most likely to be:

    1. A routing issue. Set a manual IP address and make sure that you have the router set as the default gateway and have set the correct netmask.

    2. Your router is blocking the MAC address of your Mac. Turn off MAC filtering on the router. (But if that was the case I wouldn't expect you to be able to ping the router, let alone other computers on your internal network.)

    A routing issue seems the obvious explanation as you can ping the router, connect to it via HTTP, and resolve DNS requests using it. This means that basic networking is working on the Mac; it's only when you try to route to another network that problems occur.

    Edit: Forgot to ask - what version of OS X?
  9. This has the makings of one of those Mac vs. PC commercials! Go on PC! Wipe that smug look off Mac's non-internet-connecting face!
  10. ^hehe, i couldn't agree more! :)

    @ijack it was a routing problem. As near as i can tell, the password on the mac for the router got messed up (or something along those lines). I reset the password on the router, changed it on the mac, and it is working again. /grumble

    Now, time to repeatedly was my hands, forget the aforementioned events, and retreat back into the happiness of linux. :D

    Thanks for the help :)
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