Some questions for getting a PCI-E Wifi card

Down in the basement I have a computer but I don't have any internet access down there. Our router is upstairs in the office so if I wanted to get the internet on that computer I would have to get a wireless PCI-E card. I guess my main problem is I don't know much about them so I have a couple questions.

1) First of all who are some good manufactures of PCI-E wireless cards?

2) What exact things should I look for when buying a card?

3) I see some have one antenna and some have up to three how much does that matter?
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  1. any name brand is fine Netgear, Dlink, Buffalo. you want the one with 3 antennas for better and faster signal.
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  3. How about those USB wireless adaptors do they actually work and are they as reliable and fast as a PCI-e card?
  4. Ok thanks. I really like that card you listed in your first post. My only other question is does interface matter in speed. Will a wifi card be faster in a PCI-e slot as opposed to an older PCI or mini PCI slot or USB? I guess what I'm comparing it to is video cards. If you're installing a video card you want to use PCI-e becuase it's faster than the old PCI. So would the interface make a difference in speed?
  5. The ASUS is the way to go.
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