How do i daisy chain two wired-and-wireless routers

I have an Arris T862G combination-modem-and-router from Comcast that works fine. But I want to extend its wireless signal by daisy-chaining a 2nd router (Netgear 3700N) which I own - the two routers are 15-feet apart via Ethernet cable. The REASON for trying this is that, if it works, the 2nd router would extend my wireless range, but the additional wired ports could help setup another computer and printer.
I would connect the 2 routers with standard Cat 5 or better RJ-45 Ethernet cable. I want the two routers to be on the same network. How do I set the 2 routers up?] I'm a novice and need detailed step-by-step assistance.
The alternative to this for me is to stay with one router but buy a wireless range extender but reviews of them indicate that wireless range extenders have either setup or performance problems. I already tried Powerline Adapters but they don't work in my apartment.
Hope someone out there can help. Many thanks in advance.
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  1. If my earlier message didn't get through, let me says thanks now. I will give your setup a try tomorrow. I have Windows 7 but there's no basic difference in running the DOS command line. I may be back with more questions - tomorrow.
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