How to setup two routers, 1-single band, 2-dual band on one network

hello all,

so basically i have a asus rtn16 attached to my cable modem. what i want to do is put a dedicated 5ghz router or 'airwave" to my network. i wanted to know if this is possible.

my ideal objective is to have a 5gh dual band router somehow linked to my asus rtn16 router of which that router is linked to my cable modem.

any help is appreciated
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  1. Relatively simple to do. On the second (5GHz) router, change its IP to a static IP in the same network as your primary router (and not otherwise part of its DHCP pool). So, for example, if the primary router is, perhaps make the second router Now disable the DHCP server on the second router and patch it to the primary router, LAN to LAN. That's it. You now have a second WAP that uses the primary router's network, DHCP server, firewall, etc.
  2. thanks for the response. in addition, how would i set my 5ghz adapters to wirelessly detect the 5ghz router. i would assume when i search for open wifi spots, i should see the name of the 5gh available?
  3. Yes, as long as your wireless adapters use the 5GHz freq, they'll see any SSIDs broadcast on that freq.

    NOTE: You can also use the other LAN ports on the second router if you like (for other devices), just don't use its WAN port.
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