Toshiba laptop drivers for display free download for windows 7

i want display driver for win 7
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  1. Hello mobinahmad;

    You didnt mention what video card/video chip needs drivers.
    And you didnt mention the make/model of laptop so we could look up the drivers you need.

    See if this works for you:
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
    They mention the automatic and manual methods for updating drivers.
    watch the Demo Video
  2. Go to Toshiba support homepage, I put the link here

    For download; 1) choose: Laptops, 2) choose: your laptop name, 3) choose: the Model, 4) then click the GO.

    You will see ALL the divers.
  3. mobinahmad said:
    i want display driver for win 7

    AMD Prossessor
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