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I have a linksys WRT54GS V.1.1 router flashed with Tomato 1.28; Occasionally, I will lose internet connectivity and note the following error message in my router log:
unknown user.err hotplug[63]: Unable to find nas

The number after "hotplug" may vary {i.e. hotplug[119]: Unable to find nas}

What can I do to correct this error and what does it mean?

That only way I can regain internet connectivity is to unplug and replug the power source to my router.

Thanks for any help with this problem!!
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  1. I'm not sure the error message is significant. It may be an error from a subsystem that’s just a victim of some other problem. How old is this router? Did you just flash it, or has it been flashed for some time and only developed problems recently? Once booted, how long before the problem occurs? Is it random, or somewhat predictable? Did you try returning to the stock firmware, did it help? Maybe it’s a failing router or power supply. Maybe it’s overheating. Lots of possibilities.
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