nVidia VIVO...any good?

I'm looking for a new 3D card that I can also use to input some of my old VHS tapes and convert them to VCD. I was thinking of the new AOpen GeForce4 Ti4200, but I don't know anything about nVidia's VIVO.

Is it good enough for capturing VHS video, or should I look at getting a different capture card? I don't want to spend the money on an All-In-Wonder since the 3D performance isn't quite up-to-snuff. Thanks!
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  1. nVidia doesn't make VIVO, that's added by the card manufacturer. And the VIVO chips used by every manufacturer I know of are not very good.

    ATI Radeon 8500 has the same 3D power as the Ti4200, and has good VIVO. Whoever told you different was lying.

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  2. My experiences with VIVO cards have shown a generally good input quality, but the output is a freagin' joke. But I haven't used any VIVO's on any NVidia chips...I can say the Radeon one's look good for capture.

    Just use some good software, as my PIII533b and a VooDoo3-3500 would capture @ 15-17fps with Ulead, but Premier got it done @30fps

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