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Hello, i recently moved. I want to set up a desktop computer in my bedroom that is in the basement and connect to the internet wirelessly. The house already has an existing wireless network but the signal is too weak for my computer to connect. The modem (which also runs telephone) is in the basement and is connceted to a wireless router located in the upstairs loft via ethernet cable (100 ft cord). My question is what is the easiest way to connect the basement computer to the wireless network. I do have an extra wireless router. What i can't do is move the existing wireless router from the upstairs basement. Any help would be appreciated and be as basic as possible. I am used to plug and play. I have searched the forums for an answer but nothing seems to fit my sitation or i cant understand the lingo.
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  1. the easiest way would be to run another ethernet cable from the router to your desktop. don't use wireless unless you absolutely have to. if you have to do wireless and the signal is too weak you can either move the wireless router closer, or use a wifi repeater to boost the signal. you may be able to use your extra wireless router as a repeater but you would have to configure it properly to do so.
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