Windows 7 Freezing for about 30 Seconds when I first start online

when I forst go on line and click on or try to type it freezes about 30 seconds before it responds
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  1. Hello,

    Click on what, try to type on what? What are you computer specifications? Is this a laptop? Desktop?

    Do you have antivirus installed (a proper one)? What does your task manager say when it "freezes" (what programs are taking up your CPU cycles/usage)?
  2. I have norten, when I click on anything email,favorites,news headline anything when I go online. is my home page.anything I do when I type somthimg in the adress bar or search bar the first letter I type it freezes for about 30 seconds then everything workes. when i click on yahoo mail it goes to my mail and freezes when I click on a mail about 30 seconds, the whole screen freezes. after a short time my mail opens and it works fine after that.
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    Hmm Ok.

    Sounds like might have some virus/conflicting programs installed. You should download malwarebytes antimalware. Once installed - reboot into safe mode (keep pressing F8 after reboot and select safe mode) and run the program - this will clean out malware and some viruses.

    What exact version of Norton do you have? If I were you I would try uninstalling it - and install Microsoft Security Essentials.
  4. thanks I will try that.have a great day
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