Stuck at "Starting Windows" Sometimes...

Alright, I've had this problem for 3 months now but decided to finally address the issue at hand cause I am irritated by it now. I had just put this build together and occasionally when I boot up the computer, it would freeze at "Starting Windows" screen and will not go anywhere else until I hard shutdown the computer and boot it back up and hope it doesn't get stuck again.

I reinstalled Windows 7 thinking it's the new SSD I bought but the problem still occurs, I also ran CHKDSK again and no errors have shown up.

I haven't ran a memory test program yet to check my RAM but I don't think that is the issue since I do not get BSOD of any kind.

I also have another problem that rarely occurs and only happens when watching you tube videos, the screen completely friezes and artifacts show up as if the video card is broken but I never have such problems while playing video games such as BF3 and Starcraft II.

Anyhow, I have searched Tomshardware and the web but still cannot find a solution to this and I hope you guys can help me find what the problem is.

I'm beginning to question my RAM, Motherboard, or SSD at this moment.

Another little note, I also followed some SSD optimization guide, do you think the changes I did might have caused this?

Systems Specs:

Built 11-25-2011 | Corsair 600T White | ASUS P8P67 PRO B3 REV3.1 | Intel i5 2500k @ 4.5 GHz Voltage @1.3 | H80 in push/pull |8 GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600 MHz | Patriot Wildfire 120gb | EVGA GTX 680 | 750 W Corsair AX | Windows 7 64-bit Home
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  1. the first thing i think of is the video drivers but i am going to assume you haven't had the GTX 680 for three months.

    test the RAM.
  2. Anonymous said:
    the first thing i think of is the video drivers but i am going to assume you haven't had the GTX 680 for three months.

    test the RAM.

    For testing the RAM, will the Windows Memory Test program be good enough or would you recommend another program?

    No I just got the GTX 680 installed last night along with driver update for it. The boot problem still occurs, so does that mean I can rule out the video card driver issue?

    did you boot into safe mode and use driver sweep to uninstall the old drivers? there *may be* some "dirty finger prints" left over from the old driver (If that was the cause of the issue)
  4. Ran Memtest86+, no problems. So RAM isn't the problem.

    Ran Driversweeper.

    I also resolved eventmanager ID 10 WMI

    Now what?...

    I guess I will refer back to this post to see if the stuck at "Starting Windows 7" occurs again, it only occurs occasionally.
  5. got a platter HD to install windows on to see if disconnecting the SSD changes anything?

    basically chit chat back and forth until an expert walks in . .
  6. it may not be hardware it could be a damaged software like an anti virus. or you have two anti virus or anti malware loaded.
    i would go into msconfig and turn off every thing in start up and then reboot and see if the error comes back. if not turn one thing on at a time. when the pc freeze the last thing you turn on may be it.
  7. Alright.. So it's still happening, sometimes it gets stuck at starting windows 7, but now it doesn't even show that screen, its just black. And when windows 7 doesn't get stuck, it skips the "starting windows 7" page and goes straight to log on now.

    I just got a new SSD, so I'm going to install windows 7 on it now and see if that will change anything... but I really doubt it... I've already installed windows 7 on this SSD before.
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