How can I hide my details online?

I am looking for a way to hide all that information that can be retrieved about me, for example browser, OS, resolution, location, etc.. Is there a way to prevent the sites from getting that info?

I'm using 7 and Linux, if that would be a software solution.

P.S. I prefer free solutions.
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  1. Nothing is perfect or absolute, but you might want to start looking into onion routers (e.g., TOR).
  2. Tor is defiantly the way to go to be anonymous on the internet. This may not be of use to you, but I read an article about IP's being taken from VoIP programs, Skype specifically. Their IP's were then DDoSed. This was happening a lot to professional Starcraft 2 players, which was causing them to lose games. There are a few fixes to this, like setting up a Socks server, or forcing Skype through a proxy.
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