Proper cables for router & two computers?

Ingredients: cable internet > WNDR3700 router > ethernet cables > 2 PC's

I've not had a router before & am seeing conflicting & confusing info on ethernet cable types. Currently it's set up w/ a UTP patch Cat5 ethernet cable I already had w/ the Cable Modem & an STP patch Cat5e ethernet cable that came with router & everything works fine. I need to get another ethernet cable to go from router to PC2.

Near as I can surmise optimally I would buy an STP Cat5e patch cable. I thought patch & crossover were 2 different types but then I've seen them sold as crossover patch cables as if they're the same (??).
- or -
Buy 2 more STP Cat5e cables so they'll all be capable of the same speeds. PC1 has Gigabit (10/100/1000) port but PC2 (probably) doesn't (just 10/100).

Can anyone advise?
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    You just need standard CAT5e cables. Even gigabit over CAT5e is fine unless you have VERY long runs. They used to make crossover cables (perhaps still do), but they've pretty much been made obsolete. Most any modern NIC supports auto-sensing MDIX and will automatically configure itself appropriately (either straight-thru or crossover) using standard ethernet cables.
  2. Ok, thanks. I have a little doubt about the older PC's NIC having MDIX but I'll try & determine if it does.
  3. It's not necessary for both sides of any connection to support MDIX, just as long as one side does. So if your switch is MDIX, that's all that matters.
  4. In the meantime I researched that multiple places & found that out. Would've been easier to have waited & got your answer here! Thanks
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