Time warner internet router not working with switch

my timer warner router connect to a swith (linksys), and the swith connect to 2 computer. When i restart one of the computer, the internet don't work, but the networking is working, i need to reset the modem by unplug and unplug the line of one computer (so only one computer is hook up to swith and then to the router).... after i got the internet connection from that computer, then i can hook up another computer successfully. But after I reboot one computer, the internet connection won't work again... any one know how to fix this? thanks
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  1. Did Time Warner actually provide you w/ a "router", or more likely only a "modem”? I know in my recent experiences w/ Time Warner, I only received a modem. Because if it was only a modem, then using a switch w/ that modem would be the problem. You *must* use a router in order to share the one and only public IP provided by the ISP over the modem. If you use a switch, then you’ll play this constant game of “ping pong” between the two computers as only one at any given time is permitted to use the public IP.
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