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Hello all, I am new to this and not real great with administration so please forgive me if this comes off as elementary. Currently what I have is this:

Downstairs bedroom has my cable modem & router that I use to distribute the internet to a total of 3 computers in the entire house.
The first of the three computer is also downstairs.

Upstairs has two computers (let's call them computer A & the other one computer Z).
Each accesses the downstairs router via wireless usb adapters (Belkin's).

What I want to do is to share a printer on the two computers upstairs.
The printer upstairs is a Brother 9460 which is a networked printer.
I do not necessarily need to share this printer with the computer downstairs.

Also, the router downstairs can not be moved upstairs. The reason I point this out is because I had thought about simply connecting the Brother networked printer into the original router that also distributes the internet to all 3 computers, but that option is out the window as the printer must stay upstairs & the original router downstairs.

Also, upstairs, computer A is the primary computer of the two upstairs computers -- however, I do not want to have, to leave computer A on, in order for someone at computer Z to print.

I had purchased a seperate Belkin router (N+wireless router) in the hopes that perhaps I could use it upstairs.
In my ignorance, I had hope that perhaps I could try to run ethernet cable from the ethernet ports of computer A & Z into ethernet ports on the new Belkin router while simultaneously using the downstairs router for my internet connection. Then run an ethernet cable from the printer also into a third ethernet port on this same router upstairs. However every time that I plug in the ethernet in the computers it kills the wireless internet connection.

(as a side note, the Belkin router I recently bought for use upstairs, has 1 port for the modem [which won't be used], 4 ethernet ports, and one usb port labled as "storage" -- but believe it could be also used for the printer)

Any suggestions as to what I might need to do at this point? Any and all help is much appreciated.

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  1. what model belkin router is it?

    what about a wireless print server?
  2. The Belkin Model # is F5D8235-4 v2
  3. this router does not have a Bridge mode so the next best solution would be a print server
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