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Help! my system is an Abit kg7 ,with 1.4 gig athlon ,512 meg of ram , 60 gig ibm drive with gforce 4 vid and creative audigy sound . I have the pioneer 104 on 2nd ide channel as master and every other time i write a disk it comes up "communication error". All the drivers and motherboard bios is upto date. Are there compatibility problems i don't know about? Oh and i'm running windows xp.
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  1. "Write a disc" with what? The second party Roxio software? Have you prepared your system for using third party burning apps? Disabled IMAPI Services? Disabled burning (using Roxio) on your burner? Is the device a UDMA (bus master) or PIO Mode device?

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  2. Sorry i'm using Nero and Prassi Primo dvd to burn with . The drive is udma and the IMAPI services have been disabled.
  3. Nero I know something about, Prassi - nothing, sorry. Are you burning DVDs?

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  4. Yeah sorry i'm getting the same problem burning both images and new isos and on simulation with cd's or dvd's.
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