First Mini Review - Hyundai Q17

This is a mini review on the Hyundai Q17. Finally, I got my first LCD monitor yesterday and here we go.

When I received the box it feels kind of light weighted. After opening it, the packing is very simple, the monitor is folded flat against its foot base with plastic bag covered and mounted on 2 white polyphene (don't know the name of those material in english). First thought this kind of packing is not very strong and I was worry it might get damaged during transportation.
It comes with a DVI cable, D-Sub cable, USB cable, audio cable, power cable, a installation CD and a very simple quick installation card. There is no user manuel, it is all on the CD in PDF format.

The real thing:
After unpacking, I quickly connect it up with my PC. Since it is folded flat, you need to unfold it. There are 2 joint, 1 to the base and 1 to the back of the screen. They are very tight to move so it is good that it willl stay in whatever posistion you set. You can tilt the screen vertically so small height adjustment is possible but you can't turn it horizontally without moving the base. All the power buttons, menu buttons are on the front bottom of the screen.
On the base there is speaker built in and there are 2 USB ports, an audio line in and a audio line out port.
The whole thing is in black plastic and silver plated, personnally I love the look of not so wide silver frame. It goes perfectly well with my aluminium Qbic case.
I connected it to VGA port using on board Intel graphic driver (I will get a graphic card later for DVI connection, any recommendation?).

First time:
So first time start it up and hope for the best. And it was perfect, there is no dead pixel. Got me worry when I see the packing. I tried to change the brightness but as Tom's review said, it seems to have no effect. But if I change the color mode, then I can see the different. The screen is very bright and very high contrast. I set the resolution to 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz (recommended by Hyundai) in true color. The icons and fonts are very crisp, better than my old Sony CRT or HP92. Viewing angle is alright, unless you really looking at it from the side. The speakers are not sufficient but better than a PC built in speaker. I will buy myself a new pairs definitely (Any suggestions?)
Haven't test its color as it was getting very late so I will keep you posted soon.

First conclusion:
Very beautiful flat screen, good quality, a nice piece of deco in my living room. Comfortable to look at, good birghtness and contrast. Good supply of cables, you won't need to buy any. Poor packing, possiblity of getting damage in shippment.
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  1. Thanks!! I'm still not sure when I'm going to take a dive into LCD. I too am looking for a good set of 2.1 speakers. These seem to be very good:

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